Sunday School

At Walnut Grove, we believe that study and prayer is a vital part of our spiritual growth and maturity.  To that end, we offer a variety of Sudnay school classes each week for people of all ages.  

Purpose Driven Sunday School Class  

We are students of Christ from the age of 35 to 75 and welcome everyone who seeks to deepen their knowlewdge of scipture and  grow in their faith.  We offer Bible studies on various topics, and utilize videos and other resources which lead to relevant discussions which relate to our daily living.   We also have an active card ministry going and occasionally get together at member’s homes occasionally for fun and games.  We share with each other our individual struggles and pray for each other.  


Open Door Class

The Open Door Class is just as the name suggests, open to all ages. We are a discussion group and all are invited to share in the discussion. We have a card ministry to offer encouragemnet and support to those going through painful experiences. We help with food to shut-ins and rcommunity. We serve a few banquets to raise money to help with projects such as the food pantry in Dunkirk, supporting a child in South America, and food baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas for those in need. We have coffee, tea and snacks each Sunday provided by class members. We have several meals out as a class each year. 

Fellowship Class

The Fellowship Class is a comforting and friendly class young at heart and all are welcomed ! They study from the Standard Lesson Commentary teacher’s edition. Class members share with their thoughts and concerns as each lesson is studied. The class has a card ministry that witnesses to any in need or deserving praise. Many people have responded over the years with thank you’s and appreciation for these cards. The class serves some banquets as fund raisers and service to the community. The money from these fund raisers goes to support families or intuitions in need. Coffee and light snacks are served each Sunday by and for those attending. Come join us !

Breaking Free Class

We coined our class name after the Beth Moore Breaking Free Study – ‘Making Liberty in Christ a Reality in Life’. Our classroom is located in the southeast corner, by the restrooms. When we first formed as a class we took the survey to find our spiritual gifts. Since then we have completed several studies by Bruce Wilkerson. MWe usually have coffee and snacks only occasionally. We will always make room for another chair foranyone would like to join us.


New Hope Sunday School Class

   Hi!  We’re located on the southwest side of the church, justacross the hall from the office.  Remember in school, if you didn’t behave, you were sent there? We try our best, even though we may digress from the lesson which is from the Cokesbury Adult Bible Studies.  Currently we are aged 74 and up and would welcome any and all ages to join us.  


Youth Sunday School at the Annex

The Childen Sunday school classes meets in the church annex -- located across the parking lot, just west of the church.  Children ages 3-12 are invoted to share in our children's Sunday school class.  Here, we learn about all the heros of the Bible and the stories that teach us bhow to live like Jesus in the world.

The Jr and Sr. High School youth meets in the annex basement.  There, they use videoes and  discussion to address the issues young people face in the world today.